Zone Tech Plush Genuine Sheepskin Stretch- On Vehicle Steering Wheel Cover Gray Car Wheel Protector WC0016

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  • DUAL PROTECTION - The attractive Zone Tech cover protects and improve the appearance of old or dirty steering wheels and also protects your hands from hot and cold extremes. The Zone Tech cover remains warm in the winter and cool in the summer, the plush steering wheel covers are perfect for frosty winter nights, sweltering summer days-and everything in between.
  • BREATHABLE AND ABSORBENT - The Zone Tech cover is breathable and it absorbs sweat and moisture without the worry of any lingering smell. The cover has good air permeability, guide wet resistance, and good heat preservation. The cover is perfect for a nice drive on any weather condition.
  • COMFY MATERIAL - The Zone Tech Steering wheel cover is soft in texture, it is also exquisite and thick. Not only does the Zone Tech Steering Wheel Cover add fashion to your car's interior, it also massages with its thicker, softer, more comfortable feel providing a more secure performance in terms of grip for your steering wheel.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - The Zone Tech Steering wheel cover is made with durable rubber inner ring with a solid non slip feature. The cover is made with High-grade imitation sheepskin wool that will surely last superbly year after year. The Zone Tech plush cover is carefully combed, antibacterial mould proof, and has zero methanol for a healthy environmental protection.
  • EASY INSTALLATION -The Zone Tech steering wheel cover requires hassle-free installation. Simply slip it right on to your steering wheel and your good to go. Just place the cover on top of the steering wheel. Press and hold the upper part of the cover and gradually lower it with both hands on either side to tighten.

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November 30, 2018
This cover is awesome. I previously had a fake leather that was absolutely brutal on my hands in the winter. No joke even with gloves on and the rest of my body being somewhat warm my hands would be absolutely miserable from the sheer mind numbing induced chill from the wheel cover. I told myself I was not going to allow myself the same torturous experience this season, and ordered this particular cover.

I didn’t want an expensive heated cover that relied on electrical power, keep it simple. Plus I’m fairly thrifty and stay budget minded. I am happy on all counts, the cover goes on snugly but easily. It is so soft and cushy, most importantly it completely shuns the cold. The interior of my truck is a dark grey, and in comparison the cover does appear to have a blueish/purplish hint to it. Who cares? I actually kind of like the fact it “goes” but still stands out a little on its own, and how could it not with the lush locks it’s boasting?

Overall I couldn’t ask for better, particularly with the price point.
June 5, 2017
Got my order in last week in good condition. Put my woolly wheel cover on yesterday. It was all twisted together like a tangeled rubber band. Took me several minutes to untangle and pull apart.

I tried to pull the cover over the wheel from the top but it kept jumping and springing off. So after some thought, I pulled it behind the wheel then started to wrap the cover from the bottom of the wheel then pulling and stretching both sides upwards, holding a tight tension. It worked, holding the tension study I pulled the cover over the wheel top and it "snapped" into place. Once figured out took a total of 10-15 minutes from opening the package to putting it on the steering wheel.

No problem with the edges as mentioned in some of the reviews. It's getting hot so got this just in time. Feels so good, soft and fluffy and so cool where the A/C air hits it. And despite all the grabbing and pulling didn't get any shedding.
December 10, 2015
I find this cover almost therapeutic when driving, feels great just to "pet it" when traffic is bad. It fits snugly on the steering wheel of a small hatchback car. It is really nice to grab this instead of the freezing wheel!!! The elastic can be uncomfortable at the beginning if you have tiny hands like me, but you get used to it. The downside is that - honestly- no matter how great the quality of the product is (it is serious good quality!) it looks bad! I'm not a fan of pimping up cars but during fall and winter (and part of the spring) I will live with warm hands my tacky-looking, great feeling steering wheel.
September 4, 2018
I received My sheepskin steering wheel cover and it’s much nicer than I expected. I love The softness, fluffiness and the look of it. So happy I upgraded from the torn leather one I had before. Great buy and It arrived quick!
January 6, 2018
I would consider this a mid level or higher quality at a bargain basement price. I have had nicer ones, but always for MUCH more money. In this price range, I only ever had junk before. So, this was a very nice surprise! I have gotten many compliments. I bought it for comfort as a middle age lady with bad arthritis and Raynoud's. But young people seem to think it is the height of fashion! It is thick and soft. A great purchase!
L.L. W.
October 7, 2017
Love this steering wheel cover .. it is a little more blue than grey .. but in Ecuador where we are retired .. it helps keep my old arthritis hands from cramping up .. and helps in the heat for the steering wheel to not be hot for driving !!
( I do feel a little like I need some fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror ... to make me laugh ...I am over 70 ...and fuzzy car accessories were the rage WAY BACK in the 50s dark age .. hahaha)
October 15, 2017
Love it! Product is made well and fits my steering wheel snugly. I live in a hot climate and the steering wheel can get very hot from sitting in the sunny parking lots. This cover protects my hands and is fluffy, soft, well made with no shedding. It's made of one piece of leather with strong elastic that grips the steering wheel tightly.
August 27, 2017
Purchased in May, 2017. At first it appeared as nice as the reviews. 4 months later and it has faded into a blue color. The quality is poor and the sheepskin is matted down. It is extremely disappointing.

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