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  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Rubber
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  • Quantity: 1 Piece
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Stainless Steel Jewelry Pliers by Wubbers Wubbers Classic Bent Nose Pliers are especially useful for working in tighter, harder-to-reach places. They provide extra support and stability when opening and closing jump rings. They are great for holding without blocking access to your work. These versatile pliers will work 12- to 28-gauge wire. Total Length of Pliers: 6.5 inches Width of the Jaw at the Tip: 1.8mm Made of High Quality Stainless Steel Turquoise Padded, Form-Fitted, Non-Slip Suede-Textured Handle Grips Feel free to contact us with any questions Looking for Jewelry making and Wire Working Tools? Check us out. We have a great selection and fabulous prices Money Back or Exchange 14 Days

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Regular Amazon Shopper
March 12, 2017
These work very well. I was using the small inexpensive pliers and my hand was cramping up. I'd been using these for a week or two, and I picked up the old pair the other day and could see why my hand had been hurting. These are larger, have more padding and less play in them than the cheaper pliers. I do chain mail and it's worth the extra cost to get the extra quality.
Klaire Voyant
June 25, 2015
I am a chainmailler. The Wubbers are the best for the price. These are quite large, so if you're petite you would probably want the smaller version. These are for
K. Kinney
November 22, 2013
Wubbers are quality tools. This bent chain nose pliers fills a rather specific need, to be able to hold curved objects, to open and close jump rings, to hold wire when making wrapped loops, in tight spaces, because the nose can be pointed away from the work. I believe they are my most useful and most used chain nose pliers. I have several Wubbers, and I find them to be dependable, well made, and accurate. This is high praise for a quality, mid price range tool. Love my Wubbers.
Amazon Customer
October 18, 2015
Just what I've been looking for. For people with big hands (or small), who work with/on small things. If you're tire of the poking hand soreness and pinching of your skin from the small pliers, then these are for you. They are nicely polished, comfortable, strong, but not heavy, precision made, and they keep your hand away from the fulcrum. My twelve year old prefers these over the smaller pliers and his hands are half the size of mine. They are well worth the cost and the only brand I will be using from now on.
Liz Walker
August 5, 2016
While I love my Flat Nose Wubbers, these bent chain nose wubbers just left marks and scratches on my jump rings, even more than my cheap ones did! They are very comfortable to use, but I need to return them due to the marks they're leaving on my jewelry. Maybe they were defective, as I don't see others complaining, but I'm not sure I will buy another of this type or not to find out.
Amazon Customer
January 9, 2018
Great pliers for chain maille. I started
Jillian M
September 10, 2017
I can't believe it took me so long to buy these. Yes they are technically an investment over the $5 ones you can find in a craft store, but when you own a jewelry business these are invaluable. These are now the most used, most valued tool on my desk now. Make strong, tight grips on even the smallest of pieces.
DA Gillette
November 20, 2016
This is the second pair of these bent nose pliers purchased. I think that more quality control needs to be given to these pliers as the ones just received stick closed and will not just open back up. You have to wait or make them come back open.
Gave 3 stars because I have another pair of round nose Wubbers Pliers that I love and have never had a problem with.

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