SteadMax 200 Resealable Clear Plastic Bags, 3 Size Variety Pack (3.5” x 2”) (5.25” x 3”) (7.75” x 5”) Reclosable Plastic Poly Bag, Small Baggies with Zip Lock for Crafts, Jewelry and Business Use

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Number of Items:200


Product Description

  • Includes: 64 pcs (3.5” x 2”), 68 pcs (5.25” x 3”), 68 pcs (7.75” x 5”) Zip Sealing Bag
  • Variety Pack of Reclosable Clear Poly Bags - Different Size Meets Different Purposes
  • High Quality Transparent Reclosable Zipper Lock Bags , Multifunctional, Leak proof and Dust proof
  • Self Zipping Bags are Ideal for Sealing and Protecting Small Items like Crafts and Jewelry from Dust and Moisture
  • Standard Weight and Thickness Poly Bag for Safely Reliably Storing and Shipping Purposes.

Number of Items:200


S t e a d M a x

Great Value!

100 Resealable Clear Plastic Bags, 3 Size Variety Pack (3.5” x 2”) (5.25” x 3”) (7.75” x 5”) Small Baggies, Tiny Poly Storage Bags with Zipper Lock for Crafts, Jewelry and Business Use (200 Pack)

The zipper seals great and easy. Zip lock Bags are waterproof and dustproof, so they are perfect for storing delicate things to prevent them from getting damaged by water or dust

Ideal to Small Items, Crafts, Bead, Seeds, Pearls, Buttons, Jewelry

Standard weight 2 mil poly bags are the most popular thickness for storing or shipping. They are the most widely used clear bags for packaging retail products.


Customer reviews(7)

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Brandon Rodgers
July 22, 2018
Works great. Wouldn't see being able to reuse them much with how thin they are.
Rachel CHIN
September 4, 2018
As expected
Amazon Customer
October 5, 2018
Used this product to separate and store jewelry for moving. Great variety of sizes and easy to open and close.
Jesse Meiers
September 18, 2018
Very high quality for plastic baggies. Seals and seams are strong and durable.
Rebecca Reed
August 2, 2018
I really liked them but I wasnu2019t expecting a large size difference between the medium and he large size bag. I suggest there is a size in between!
Amazon Customer
August 1, 2018
Perfect item to organize my craft items, beads, ribbons ect, ect,
October 15, 2018
Love them for putting away my products of jewelers that I sale! Nice and does its job perfectly

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