Wadoy R410a Adapter for Mini Split HVAC System 5/16' Female SEA x 1/4' Male SEA Quick Couplers, Mini Split Adapters (Straight)

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Product Description

  • 1/4" male SAE to 5/16" female SAE swivel adapter
  • R410a Adapter, Mini-Split, A/C Low-Loss Fitting
  • Fits for R410a mini split system air conditioners,HVAC,and refrigeration service
  • Material:100% brass adapter + PTFE gasket
  • 2 x R-410a Straight Adapter + 2 gaskets for Mini Split System Air Conditioners

Package Includes:

x R-40a Straight Adapter (/4" to 5/6")
x gaskets


Connectors: /4" Male SAE to 5/6" Female SAE
Thread Diameter: mm / 0.47"
Material: Brass + PTFE

â–²Questions & Answers
Question:After attaching to the gauge set, can you crack and leave open the low side manifold to let the refrigerant into the system.
Answer:Yes you can open it all the way out,if you notice the small hole inside it will cause refrigerant to change from liquid to gas or mix

Question:Is this adapter hooked up at the manifold or at the fitting of the equipment being charged?
Answer:This is at the gauge set. There is no prevision for a Schrader valve

Question:Is it best to attach it to the tank opening, that way it all comes out as vapor and not have liquid charge in hoses when you are done?
Answer:40 is a blend gas. The unit has to be charged as a liquid, thus the liquid charge adapter.

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August 16, 2018
Worked perfectly for me to use my old automotive R-12 gauges to evacuate my system after installing.
September 26, 2018
They fit and come with spare gaskets what I expect for the price.

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