U.S. Toy Foam Superhero Masks StealStreet (Home) SS-UST-CM56

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Product Description

  • Lot Of 12
  • Average Size: 8 Inches
  • Super Hero/Comic Book Foam Mask Design
  • Assorted Super Hero Masks Ship At Random
  • Made Of Soft Foam * Attached Elastic Band

Package Quantity:1

This gorgeous Foam Superhero Masks has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere! Foam Superhero Masks is truly remarkable. Product Details: Condition: Brand New Item SKU: SS-UST-CM56).

Customer reviews(8)

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William Jorth
December 17, 2016
Very fun. Lots of variety. No logos, no brands. Allows open imagination without constraining to mass media stories. Lightweight foam is comfortable. Simple white elastic flat cording is used to hold the mask to the face.
J. Robinson
July 21, 2017
I know these are inexpensive, but at least 2 were completely unusable and some of the pieces were cut terribly. We had no time to get something else in time for the party. Very disappointed.
March 29, 2017
These masks are cute and good quality. The eye holes are spaced pretty far apart but we just cut them bigger and voila! Perfect!
Trish W
August 29, 2018
Terribly made I bought for my daycare, they hardly fit over 4 yr olds heads and broke when taking them off. A complete waste of money
Nicole Helton
August 12, 2016
These looked super cute online and for the price, were a good buy. The eye holes are cut a little wide so they don't really cover the eyes on my kids that well. We will be cutting bigger holes to actually fit... but they are still excited to wear them at the party :)
S. Christian
July 17, 2016
I thought these were be perfect for a birthday party but they didn't fit the kids faces and the kids didn't wear them for more than five minutes.I wished they fit better.
December 6, 2017
Quality was not that great and didnt really like these are generic super heroes instead of more character specific ones. There are better ones you can find on Amazon.
July 7, 2016
I bought these and a set of capes for my son's Super Hero 3rd Birthday Party.
You get 6 different masks, two of each (12 total). I paid $7 something, so these worked out to around $0.65 each.
In my opinion, totally worth it! They are foam masks, and may not all be perfection, but they are decently made and will likely last for lots of play long after the party.
I will note about sizing, my son is turning 3, and the eyes are alllllmost too wide, so I would say these would be most perfect for 5-7 year olds. Younger and the eyes may be a little too wide, older and they may be a touch too small. Still usable for other ages, just wanted to give specifics so no surprises or dissapointments.
Even though the it is slightly off for tiny faces, my son doesn't care. HE LOVES THEM. His party is Sunday, so I can't wait to see all of the other tiny faces in these masks.

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