Universal Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock (U-Lock Bike Lock Model). RELAX Your Motorbike is Very Safe Using This Device! Includes Highly Visible Reminder Cable & Holster. From BigPantha (Blue Version).

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Product Description

  • MAKE YOUR MOTORCYCLE NEAR IMPOSSIBLE TO STEAL: Fit a premium BigPantha security disk lock u lock to your bikes front disc. Made from 14 mm hardened steel, the shackle is a double deadbolt - one each side - for extra strength (unlike a padlock for instance), making it anti-pick, resistant to both pulling or a lever assault by a crowbar. Cannot be drilled either. Once the metal disc lock is fitted the wheel / tire can not be rotated more than a few inches thus preventing the bike from being driven
  • EASY TO NOTICE – SO A THIEF WILL MOVE ON: Fit the new "Easy to Spot" Bright Orange Reminder Cable (132 cm / 52" long) between the disc lock and your handlebar grip, to make sure that you don't try and drive off with the disc lock u-lock still fitted (yes that would be embarrassing!). And of course the Reminder Cable evolution has anti-theft qualities as draws attention to the front brakes lock – so deterring a thief.
  • CONVENIENT TO STORE & TRAVEL WITH: The Disc Lock security accessories kit includes the lock (yellow or blue type models) a carry pouch / holster for easy storage (of lock & reminder cable) and convenient travel. Simply unlock it and pop the disc lock and reminder cable into the pouch; then hitch the pouch to your jeans or belt and you can be away.
  • WON'T DAMAGE YOUR VEHICLE: The ULock shackle is coated with a tough resilient and hard rubber sleeve which means that when it's fitted it'll give you max protection and will not damage your bike.
  • WEATHERPROOF, WATERPROOF & DUSTPROOF: From Oxford to New York when it's dry and dusty or wet and slippery your wheel lock u-lock cylinder lock and bolt is protected by a small dust cover to prevent ingress of dust & grit (so that it won’t get clogged up) or rain in order to preserve the integrity of the lock. HAVE A QUESTION either before or after purchase then why not ask us? Simply email here - [email protected]

Best High Performance Device for Securing Your Motorcycle

This master heavy duty disc locking system is a superior, hardened steel alloy 14mm thick "U-Lock version" that, once attached to your disc brake prevents your motorcycle from being stolen by not allowing the wheel to rotate (cannot roll / cannot ride :-)).

Includes a Highly Visible Reminder Cable that connects the Disc Lock to the handlebar. It draws attention that your Motorcycle is secured – raising an alarm to a would-be thief. It also reminds YOU so that you don't attempt to ride off with the Disc Lock still attached!

Convenience with a Carry Pouch

Included in the box is the lock, a set of keys (one key plus a spare), reminder cable and a carry pouch which can carry both the lock and reminder cable parts. The pouch has a holster clip fitted so that you have options to attach either to your belt or trousers. Simply "un-holster" your disc lock to use.

We’ve tested this disc-lock u-locks model with numerous shapes and sizes of classic motorcycles, dirt bikes, a quad 4 wheel motorcycle ATV (and scooters & moped) including a Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Indian, Yamaha, Victory, BMW, Honda etc.

I’m Into Cycling - Will It Work With a Bicycle?

In short yes, as bikelocks go this is a bit more heavy than most, but a lot better for it! Recommended cycle use is in conjunction with a nice strong chain or cable. It’s very popular bikelock with MTB (Mountain Bike) enthusiasts.

In Conclusion

There are no 100% Theft Proof security devices for outdoor (or even indoor) use especially on the street, but the Disc Lock U-Lock once locked in place is an excellent layer of protection affording you a good degree of 'peace of mind' when you need to leave your bike unattended.

Customer reviews(22)

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June 22, 2017
My friend has a kryptonite disc lock and I was going to get one of them. But I got this one from bigpantha instead. The only difference I can see is that the kryptonite has an extra key but costs an extra 15 bucks!

The lock opens up nicely and fits to the disc brake (I fit it to the front brake, but I guess it'll fit to either front or back). So now my ride can't be ridden away until the lock is removed - very simple! The orange 'reminder cable' is a nice touch, it connects the lock to the handlebar and it stands out so that your not likely to drive off with the lock still attached.

It also comes with a holster which is cool, I ride around with the holster and lock on my jeans.

I'm not going to say that this is completely full-proof - it's not, after all someone could in principle still pick up the bike and shove it into a truck and drive off. But it is going to stop 99% of opportunist bike thieves, which is the main thing!

And in the end I bought two of these bigpanha babies - a blue and a yellow, I kept the yellow one for myself and gave my brother the blue one for his birthday and he loves it as well.
Kenneth G. Thomas
October 31, 2017
I feel my bike is secure when I place the lock on it.
March 1, 2018
Very strong easy to use, excellent value. Very happy with the purchase!
April 9, 2018
Its worked so far! knock on wood.... I think if someone really wanted to, they could get through it but just the sight of it in place is a major deterrence
August 31, 2018
I like the size/ function and the holder. The locking mechanism sticks sometimes though and it takes a while to get it open. I’m worried that one day I won’t be able to get it open and will have to cut it off myself.
Darrell R.
June 26, 2017
Good sturdy lock and good customer follow-up but the key is just a tad flimsy. Happy with my purchase. :)
August 29, 2018
It's small enough to clip on your pants and sturdy to protect your bike
Alva d.
June 13, 2018
Feel like they are great quality. Came with 3 keys, but look awfully thin, hope they hold up to repeated use