TCI 311038P1 Transmission Package

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  • Transmission Package: Chevrolet TH350 non lock-up; 6'' tailshaft

Transmission Package: Chevrolet TH50 non lock-up; 6'' tailshaft

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Keith Bell
March 7, 2013
TCI shipped me a defective transmission with a cracked case. They required me to return the product with freight paid by me at $155.00. Once they received the product and agreed to replace (which they repaired) they would only return the product with shipping costs paid by me at $106.00, again! According to their tech service rep, Jim Laky, all I was required to do was to ship their defective transmission back to the factory and they would replace and return. That simple. Not true. Right now, I am out $261.00 to ship their junk product back. And to top it off, I'm still waiting for the transmission to arrive. Research TCI online and you'll find plenty of dissatisfied customers. DO NOT BUY FROM TCI TRANSMISSION!!

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