Sterling Silver 24 Gauge Wire Half Hard Round (Qty=12 Feet) uGems ss125

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Size:20 ga


Product Description

  • 12 feet 24 gauge wire
  • Half hard temper
  • 0.02" diameter

Size:24 ga 12-feet

This is twelve feet of sterling silver wire 24 gauge. 0.02" diameter, half hard temper; Made in USA

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June 2, 2016
sanded a small section clean and hammered it flat so it would fill the XRF field of vision. After I got my cleaning technique down pat, it is definitely sterling.
August 4, 2016
really great for wire wrapping its easy to use and easy to bend but not so easy that it looses it shape unless you want it to. I bought this to wrap a piece of laramar and it turned out beautifully and I have worn it for years now and have had to problem with the metal it hasn't changed colors or even turned my skin green so I feel like its true sterling silver and great for wire wrapping!!
Katherine B.
July 26, 2016
Beautiful! A super weight to make headpins and works really well for wire wrapping. This gauge fits well through most beads and because it is half hard, it retains shape. This wire shines up beautifully. I will definitely order this again - and I will get it from uGems. Packaged in a nice cardboard envelope so the wire arrives safely. This was available at an amazing price - and I'm still shocked at how quickly it arrived!

Every silver tarnishes (due to air and light) - wash it with soap and a little soap, drying it with a clean, soft cloth. That should help. You can also buy little strips that will prevent tarnish - and they are only a couple of dollars for ten.
March 21, 2016
Beautiful and easy to work with wire! Note that it is half hard, not dead soft, so it may be a little harder to work with if you've only bought 22 gauge dead soft wire before! This coil makes a good amount of findings - I've made a couple jump rings and earring hooks from it, saves me money from having to go out and buy them individually! Make sure you have a cup bur if you're looking to make your own findings too - sharp jagged wires are no fun to put in anyone's ear. The coil looks small, but it really is 5 feet when measured out (I doubted at first as well). Will be buying more once I run out!
February 21, 2018
Worked really well for my purpose. I use this to prevent microbial and algal growth in my ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers (
CDP's Onceagain habit of purchasing
July 26, 2013
This Sterling Silver Wire has a nice luster and the 20 Gauge Round Half Hard wire is a good bending wire. The 5 Feet length is enough to make several necklaces and danglies for them. A nice product.
Amazon Customer
August 16, 2016
awesome wire!! stiff enough to hold shapes like spirals, but pliable enough to be molded without hurting my hands! Just what a jewelry maker wants!! I will be buying this product again.
K. Schrecker
December 27, 2013
Sterling silver keeps getting more and more expensive, but I love using it in my jewelry since I'm allergic to many other, cheaper metals. Found this on Amazon, and it's cheaper here than some other jewelry sites.

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