QuickTime (RM-4097) Mazda Miata Engine to Muncie/Jerico Transmission Bellhousing Quick Time Performance

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Product Description

  • Weight is 20 pound and 6.300 inches in height
  • Transmission bore diameter 4.685 inch
  • Mazda Miata B6/BP to Muncie, Jerico transmission
  • SFI certified 6.1
  • Made in the USA

QuickTime are the lightest steel bellhousings available, with patents pending on 1 points of design and manufacturing process. They are also the most accurate bellhousings in regards to parallelism and concentricity. Built from high grade steel, work hardens to over 80, 000 PSI strength, making them over times the strength of any other steel bellhousing. The QuickTime cone is spun not rolled or stamped which allows the bellhousing to be the most dimensionally stable bellhousing available. The SFI approved safety bellhousings are required for vehicles running 11.9 seconds or quicker in the quarter mile competition. QuickTime bellhousings are approved by all major sanctioning bodies. QuickTime bellhousings direct fit engineering ensures easy installation for popular passenger cars and the MIG welded thread inserts for transmission mounting, clutch fork pivot ball, and linkage brackets where applicable give you a professional fit and function. The bellhousings durable powder coated finish will give years of corrosion free service and the block plate and grade 8 hardware bolts are included. Deput from original equipment manufacturers, engine builders, transmission builders, racers make QuickTime the best bellhousings for circle track, strip or street applications and they are built and tested in the USA. Confirm your specific application before purchasing.

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