Simply Art Assorted Palettes 4 ct. Loew Cornell 1021080

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  • 4 White plastic palettes
  • The Simply Art line of products is a complete program designed for aspiring artists and crafters

SIMPLY ART products are a complete program designed for the aspiring artist, providing remarkable value along with basic art education, exposing and encouraging art exploration with easy-to-understand copy and illustrations.

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April 1, 2012
The 7 well palette you can see in the picture is well made and a nice hard plastic. The square palette is the crappy kind of plastic that won't wear well, you can cut it with scissors. The other 2 you can't see are another round one like the 7 well but a bit bigger (I don't remember how many wells it is but it's more than 7) and an oval with the thumb hole. They are also the nice hard plastic. In all you'll get 3 good solid pieces and one flimsy one.
June 25, 2014
This is the perfect small assortment of little palettes for my needs. Sometimes I need large compartments, and other times, small ones; this is the perfect blend of small trays for which I need only a small amount of any particular color paint that I've had to blend. I use gouache, and when I'm done, I simply add a few drops of water to each color that I've mixed and cover the tray over tightly with foil wrap. This usually keeps the paint in a good consistency, or close to it, for the next time that I'm going to work with that set of paints. This way, I can mix several different hues of the same shade on one palette and have it ready to go when I start painting again. If it's too dried up, I just add some water, wait a little while, stir, and I'm back in business. I really appreciate the small amounts of paint I can mix with this palette assortment and how they
February 12, 2015
they're certainly not professional quality. but a previous reviewer mentioned the flimsiness of the rectangular palette, and i just wanted to say: i think they took that review to heart, as the rectangular palette i just received is VERY thick and sturdy. i can barely bend it at all, and it has a little bit of weight to it. it's rougher than the three white palettes (like in the photo, the rectangle is a very light grey), but it's actually sturdier and a little thicker than the white ones.

the 7 well circular palette seen in the front is quite small, which is fabulous for my small painting space. the large center well on the 11 well circular palette isn't large enough to prep for a large wash, but if you're like me and paint on the smaller papers, it's perfect. my 5 year old has commandeered the 10 well palette with the thumb hole because
August 23, 2016
So far I love these. I thought these were going to to be thin because of how cheap they are but they actually are pretty thick. The two round ones are flexible and the other two are hard and would most likely break if you bend them. All four of them. I highly recommend these for paints.
Debbie Bennett
September 17, 2013
These seem sturdy enough for their intended use. However, they are kind of small: small round is 4 3/4
July 13, 2015
I am in no way a professional painter, but I just got into the hobby of painting miniatures for war gaming so i wanted something inexpensive to start mixing paints in and this provides wonderful diversity. Like others have mentioned the the rectangular tray is different than others. It's not quite as flimsy as I imagined but it is definitely a lower quality than the others, however it can be picked up and handled without flopping on itself. What I don't like about it is that it does not have a smooth surface like the others. Instead it has small bumps that can be felt among the entire surface and a it has a matte kind of feel to it instead of a nice slick feeling. The rest like I said are perfect and exactly what I was looking for.
May 6, 2014
I purchased this little set because I always need extras. I use them in painting as you might expect; but I also use them in my beading to separate the different beads I am using for a project. I did not give them 5 stars because they are inexpensively made, albeit they do the job nicely. Having said that they were inexpensively made it is exactly why they were so inexpensive. Duh! (that's a comment to myself not to you dear reader) I must have 20 or more of these small palettes around the house and always seem to need more. I always seem to have a minimum of 5 projects going at once. They are good to have around when you need them.
Chelsea Hibbard
October 13, 2015
You can't beat the price for these little suckers. I dabble in painting, more as a hobby, so I don't want to spend boat loads of money on supplies since I'm really no good. ;)

I was skeptical of these for their price, but they arrived quickly and are the perfect accessory for my watercolors and my regular paints. Will definitely order these again if ever need to!

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