Ny-Trex 110005 Bare-Bones EFI Economy Wet Nitrous System

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$ 18 99

Product Description

  • Comes with 50, 75, 100 and 125 hp jets
  • Chrome hi-flo 660 bottle valve with gauge port
  • Braided stainless N2O feed line with Teflon core
  • Lifetime warranty on solenoids
  • Mounting hardware: brackets, bolts, screws, clamps, ties; electrical components: wire connectors, relays, switches

is a manufacturer of quality nitrous oxide performance systems with an emphasis on aggressive styling features and competitive performance components that provide the edge that serious racing enthusiast demand. has the distinct advantage of improving on the established technologies while forging new and unique methods with "Outside The Box" aggressive styling.

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Ryan that guy
November 1, 2018
Did not get items listed... its a roll of exhaust tape.

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