Massive Pinion Flange Holding Tool Holder Yoke Wrench Made USA Jeep Ring Rear End Axle Nut Seal 8.8 40 Dana 3/8' Thick! Massive Speed System

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Product Description

  • FITS the SUPER popular FORD 8.8 flange - Ratech and Allstar tool DOES NOT!!!!!
  • 3/8" thickness steel can PROPERLY handle the immense torque necessary for this job! Other guys BEND - Ratech and Allstar are made from flimsy .250"
  • Includes tube tang to allow use of common ~1" tube or pipe as a handle!
  • Quality made IN HOUSE right here in the USA!!!

A MUST for setting pinion flange crush / bearing preload or just reinstallation. Doing a Ring and Pinion install or just replacing / upgrading your flange / yoke. Replacing that leaky pinion seal / gasket. Proper Installation and service of driveline parts is an often overlooked detail when servicing differentials, axles, etc. These items seem "tough", but are high precision, tight tolerance mechanical devices that require the utmost care to ensure longevity and max performance, particularly in race and off road environments. Massive produces these our driveline tools to maximize ease of install and ensure the maximum accuracy. Holds your pinion yoke or flange in place when removing or installing nut. These fasteners require GIANT torque values which can bend inferior tools easily. The Massive tool is fabricated from huge 3/8" thickness steel, CNC laser cut. We than zinc and yellow dichromate plate them for long lasting rust resistance (the other guys supply you with rusty uncoated stuff? WHY?). Created with /" and 3/4" drive compatibility, as well as a tang to allow a common piece of -.5" tube or pipe to be used as a handle. INCLUDES /"-0 threaded pinion shaft PULLER tool! .5" opening allows even the larger impact sockets clearance to pass through to the nut. Slots accommodate most popular yoke/flange patterns - the Ford 7.5, 8", 8.8, 9", 9.75, IRS and straight. The Dana / AMC / Jeep 0, 35, 44, 50, 60, 70, 80. Chrysler 7.5", 8.5", 8.75", 9.5". 30 330 350 yoke. The GM 7.5, 8.5, 0.5, .5, 8., 9.5, 9.5, 0 bolt, bolt, , bolt. Many Toyota 7.5 and 8". Fits many flanges / yokes - but of course not ALL, so please do your research or ASK to be sure before purchasing! THANX!

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