Sealed Power 141M Crankshaft Main Bearing Set Speed Pro

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Chevy BB Competition Series STD Main Bearing Set W/3/ oil grove Super Duty Alloy,Federal-Mogul's Sealed Power Speed-Pro Competition Series Engine BearingsSealed Power Speed-Pro brand builds engine bearings using materials and alloys engineered for demanding applications. Speed-Pro tailors there bearings to withstand punishing racing conditions. Federal-Mogul's Speed-Pro bearings are proven winners in NHRA, NASCAR and IHRA competition.Sealed Power's Speed-Pro engine bearings include a patented contoured-flange design that increases thrust-load capacity and a three-quarter-length oil groove that enhances lubricity without compromising load capacity.The materials in Sealed Power's Speed-Pro bearings offer a variety of advantages, such as high durability, corrosion resistance, decreased rate of wear and increased fatigue strength. These advantages are all essential features for performance engines that need to withstand punishing racing conditions.Sealed Power's Speed-Pro DUROSHIELD Competition Series Coated Bearings provide protection against dry starts and conditions that interrupt oil supply. Speed-Pros H- Super Duty Alloy has the greatest load-carrying capacity. Sealed Power's Speed-Pro H-2 Alloy is notable for its desirable fatigue resistance and strength. Sealed Power's Speed-Pro B00 babbitt material is used in ultra-high-performance rod and main bearings for blown-fuel and alcohol engines that require high embeddability and conformability.Bearing Material Selection for Performance When Selecting bearings, engine builders commonly focus on getting the proper clearances and maintaining adequate oil pressure. Durability is expected from any bearing that is chosen, and the

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Td jack
August 18, 2014
worked fine

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