Invoice Enclosed Packing List Envelopes Panel Face Back Load 2.0 Mil Thick - 4.5' X 5.5' 1000 /Case PackagingSuppliesByMail

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Product Description

  • Color: Front- Clear/Orange, Back- White.
  • Load Type: Back Side Load/Side Opening.
  • Adhesive: 25 gsm, Synthetic rubber – Hotmelt.
  • Paper Liner: 70 gsm, White.
  • Inside Usable Dimensions: 4” x 5”.

Packing List :

Packing list envelopes are an important part of the shipping process. These envelopes help protect your in transit, assuring all of the order information is received by your customer. This greatly reduces confusion with orders regarding what has and has not been received. Packing list envelopes feature an adhesive coating or strips for a secure hold. Users simply remove the backing and stick it to the packages, and the adhesive keeps the envelope in place throughout the shipping process.

Panel Face Invoice Enclosed:

Panel face invoice enclosed envelopes are great for easy identification. The bright orange panel easily catches the customers attention and lets them know that their invoice is inside. On the other hand, the clear facing allows them to see who/where the package is for. Resistant to punctures, tampering and water, you can be assured your document will reach the customer both safely and confidentially.

Item Specifications:

● Thickness: Front- 45 MIC LDPE, Back- 35 MIC LDPE.

● Pressure sensitive backing. Adheres to most surfaces.

● Approved by UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

● Able to attach strongly to your shipment.

● Can withstand against harsh weather and rough shipping and handling.

● Protects documents during Transport.

● Orange color commands awareness, discloses inner contents.

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M. Markowitz
June 21, 2018
great product - love it
December 13, 2017
Good Price, quick shipment
Peter Dinh
February 29, 2016

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