Prym Dressmaker Pins - #20 - 1 1/4 Long Premium Nickel Plated Steel 1 Lb (1 Box / Pack) Prym Dritz PRYM #20

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  • Prym Dressmaker Pins - #20 - 1 1/4" Long
  • Premium Nickel Plated Steel 1 Lb (1 Box / Pack)
  • Approximately 3700 Pins Per Box

Prym Dressmaker Pins - #20 - 1 1/4" Long Premium Nickel Plated Steel 1 Lb (1 Box / Pack)... Stainless steel pins do not rust and are the strongest pins available Packed in 1 Pound Per Box ~Prym Dritz ~ Precision Point Pins~ Stainless Steel Pins #20 Pin- Length 1 1/4" - Approximately 3700 Pins Per Box

Customer reviews(7)

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November 4, 2016
love it
Yulia Helm
March 11, 2015
Excellent product. Will buy it again.
B. J. Church
September 1, 2014
Patricia Fitzpatrick
July 6, 2015
I ordered wrong but the item came really quick. I guess itis a good product but I am unable to use them.
November 1, 2016
Another reviewer wrote how great these are for the quilted craft ornaments and that is what I purchased them for. Agreed. They are great. Good quality for sure. Note two minor things: these are 1/4 inch longer than standard pins, which will seem annoying at first but after 100 pins will feel perfectly normal. Secondly, the pins are PACKED into a tiny box. I highly recommend you find a bigger box (I found a big Tupperware worked great) and dump the contents inside as it will make it far easier to fish them out without major injury. Otherwise, these are great and well worth the price.
January 15, 2015
Excellent quality pins. You get good value for the money spent. They were shipped very quickly. I would recommend these anytime. I was a custom drapery seamstress for more than 30 years. So if you are making something with a little heavier fabric, these pins will stand up to the job. Right now I am making folded fabric quilted ornaments. The pins are strong enough to get through the fabric and into the Styrofoam without bending.
Amazon Customer
October 2, 2017
These are professional quality pins, I am so glad I found them, they are smoother, longer and sharper than those I have purchased at the chain fabric store. Love the quantity too. I slide a pin into two opposite sides of the box to secure the lid.

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