Favoto Car Parking Sensor Reversing Radar Vehicle Backup Detector System with LCD Display Warning Alarm (White) LCD-ReversingRadar-W_US

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Product Description

  • The advanced CPU and four high quality sensors- Favoto car reversing system is equipped with four sensors, dual-core CPU and advanced chipset to improve the coverage of camera and the detection performance
  • Super large LCD display- The larger display will clearly show the obstacles’ direction and tell the driver about the exact distance from the car. If the car is closed to the obstacles, the radar will produce the buzzing alarm for warning. Of course, the warning alarm is available to be set in silent state.
  • Safe and reliable- Once there are obstacles behind your car, the buzzer will give the beep alarm to remind you stop your car. The radar will automatically detect the children or low wall to avoid the collision.
  • High quality- The car parking detector is made of high quality material to provide good durability and long life. The radar system is designed with protection circuit and high quality components to avoid overheating or overloading well.
  • Perfect after-sale service- You don’t have to worry about the rain or snow getting in the sensors and frozen. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question! Favoto is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service.

Car Reversing Radar
If you always worry about the reversing while parking your car, we recommend you this LCD reversing detector to help park your car safely. The LCD display and four sensors will clearly show the driver about the distance between obstacles and your car, even makes the buzzing alarm to keep your car in safe.

* When the car is on reversing gear, it will begin the detection automatically.
* 30-250cm display range to show the position and distance between car and obstacles exactly.
* The closer the distance between the car and the obstacle, the quicker the buzzing alarm will be.
* Double CPU reflects fast, and the sensors come with self-detect function to keep the sensors working normally, and avoid the collision due to the sensors' damage.
* The compact and fashionable LED monitor meets the style of car main dashboard.
* Embedded sensor installation method, easy and simple to install.

Voltage: 12V DC(9.6~16V DC wide voltage working).
Current: 20~180mA
Detect/LCD display distance: approx. 30-250cm/11.8-98.4in
Volume of alarm: ≥80dB
Working temperature: -40~+80℃ / -40~176 ℉
Ultrasound frequency: 40kHz±1kHz
The height for installing the sensors: approx. 50-70cm/19.7-27.6in
Color: Black/White/Silver

Package Includes:
1 x reversing radar controller
1 x LCD Monitor(5M standard cable)
4 x Ultrasound sensors(2.5M standard cable)
1 x Power cable(0.8M standard cable)
1 x Hole saw(¢22mm)
1 x User manual in English


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