Electronic Cylinder Bore Fowler FOW74-646-401 21501

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Product Description

  • Includes a swivel air inlet to prevent kinks in the air hose during movement
  • Automatic shutoff valve to prevent overfilling
  • 1.9-quart (1.8 liter) reservoir allows the operator to perform multiple bleeding jobs without emptying
  • Bleeds at a rate of up to two quarts (1.9 liters) per minute for increased productivity and features a variable thumb throttle to maintain desired flow rate
  • Reservoir and lid feature large, coarse threads to reduce cross threading, and the bench-mountable, molded base keeps the unit secure while removing or replacing the lid

Xtender Electronic Cylinder Bore Gage is an Easy-to-read, economical solution for measuring cylinder bore diameters and checking for taper and out of roundness conditions. Measures to inch depth easily reaching critical wear areas of the cylinder. Preset size of master for absolute reading and minimum hold feature to lock on the bore size as the gage is rocked through the base.

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D. Broer
December 13, 2015
For the money, this is an excellent tool. Bore gauges work by comparing a measurement to a known measurement. So you effectively calibrate the tool and take it from there. This tool allows you to calibrate it and set the zero to be a known measurement. So if you set it for 4.000" you can then read 4.000" on the display. Then go to whatever you are measuring and see what the actual reading would and read the number directly off the display. No math involved and you have the ability to read in mm if you want. The tool also keeps track of the lowest reading so you just rock it a bit and you have your number. In poor lighting or when the face of the gauge is away from you, this is vital.
4 stars just because the steps to set it up involve holding buttons down for short and long presses which makes having the directions nearby a must. The tool also has different modes. All of which is not 100% intuitive just by looking at the gauge. If you don't use one everyday, you will find yourself re-reading the directions every time you use it.
April 19, 2010
quality issues with new electronic bore gage - understand this tool has been issued for 4-5 years ongoing
1) central moving rod in the main tube hiusing does not line up with outer housing by a distance of the diameter of the rod. Meaning the gage head, when inserted will not squarely hit the rod.
2) no instructions on how the gage is to be assembled, altho you would think this would be easily understandable, you will find specialty pieces that need exacting use. i will guess many will never notice!
3) no invemtory list to be sure you have all that is expected.
4) corrosion prior to plating of tiny pieces - absolutely stupid!
5)the storage case does not allow small head to be attached, so you must disassemble from small mode back to large mode when simply putting it back in the case.
Understand this tool has been issued this way for 4 years or better.
6) My gage was recieved with plastic face pre scratched , so it matched the over all quality.
the general feel of the tool is that it is a second or reject from somone else that is simply being sold thru Amazon as a quick way of dumpmng it!

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