Earl's 310008 Auto-Flex HTE Stainless Steel Braid Protected -8AN by 10' Synthetic Rubber Hose Earl' s Performance 8.5131R

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Product Description

  • Outer material is made of braided stainless steel and provides maximum pressure capabilities
  • Maximum pressure rating of 1500psi with a minimum bend radius of 3.5"
  • Inner liner is constructed from Temprel synthetic rubber tube that provides a clean, fast and constant flow
  • Continuous use temperature rating is -40 to +300 degrees F.
  • Competitive Price

This Earl's Auto HTE hose features a partial coverage textile inner braid imbedded in the HTE liner during manufacture. The hose is finished with a full coverage stainless steel braid which is bonded to the reinforced HTE liner. Continuous use temperature rating is -40 to +300 degrees Fahrenheit. It is intended for use with swivel-seal, Auto-Fit and Auto-Mate hose ends only.

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