Children's Funtasma 1 Inch Heel, Pirate Brown Distressed Knee Boots

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Color:Black Distressed Pu



Product Description

  • Distressed Faux Leather

Heel Height: Approx. 1'' Tall. Cuffed knee high pirate boot with inside zipper and decorative buckles. Distressed faux leather. Rounded toe. Man-made lining.

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October 9, 2013
OK, I have no Idea why the two other reviews are bad. I've bought SEVERAL funtasma shoes my children and my self. They are PERFECT costumes and theater shoes. I just bought my son these Caribbean style boots, but for the two years he has worn the other style of pirate boot they had. Its little planer than this one. I also have bought my daughter go-go boots and myself two pairs of boots with heels. They do run a little small but no where near what the other review said. Every pair I have have been about 1/2 size smaller so if you wear a 8 get a 9. In the other pirate boots my son had a 11-12. He barley wore an 11 when I got them and wore them for 2 years. Now he wears a 12, and they still fit but very snug... so upgraded like this style a little more. Ordered the 13-1 and they fit with room to grow. The sized are listed wrong above. All the Funtasma kids shoes come int he same size range.. Small (11-12) Medium (13-1) and Large (2-3) I new that from all my previous buys and shopping around. So I ordered a medium and regardless of what is said in the description but I got I Medium (13-1) and it says so on the box. I'll load pictures. They are very cute, and good quality, what I come to expect from Funtasma. MY ONLY complaint is that it says black but they are more of a charcoal. I can deal with it but just so ya know lol
James Macknik
June 4, 2013
They have indicated these are for men, when they are CLEARLY for a child. Looking at the previous comment now, it appears that the seller should have known this months ago. This seller obviously has no idea what they are doing - I highly recommend AVOIDING THEM AT ALL COSTS, unless you like your money and time wasted. Nothing in the item info on the page indicates this item is for a child.
Samuel Payne
April 23, 2013
These boots look fine but are way to small, definitely not a size 12-13 for large. They're probably more like a size 8. I'd avoid these unless you have small feet.

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