Auto Meter 5348 Level 2 DPSS (Digital Pro Shift System) Black Tube

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Product Description

  • Features 4 programmable shift points, adjustable by 10 RPM increments - including Launch Lite, progressive shift, and digital RPM display
  • Compatible with 0.5 - 6 pulse ignition signals (1-12 cylinder engines) with points, electronic, and most 12V high-performance racing ignitions.
  • Seven user selectable colors (white, red, yellow, green, teal, blue, and magenta) to match visual preferences of driver as well as brightness adjustments for changes in visibility conditions
  • Features Auto Meter's E-Z View Digital LED Display System which maximizes readability and minimizes distracting high speed digit changes
  • Triage engine health and setup changes using Peak RPM Memory recall with one touch review. Commonly referred to as the 'tattle tale' in the racing world, this function allows racers to gain quick insights between rounds about wheel spin, gearing and gear changes.

Tube-style shift light, with innovative AIM swivel mount for precise viewing angles. Features single programmable digital shift point, digital RPM display, compatible with .5-6 pulse ignition signals (- cylinder engines), and single color shift light.

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August 16, 2017
The 4th digit went out. immediately It always shows 0 anyway but still. Also the multi-stage light is misleading, you would have to enable it (literally) every 5 shifts, It's meant just for lining up at the drag strip. I thought it would be cool to leave enabled but that is not how the function works
Rick M
February 5, 2013
I would be thrilled to rate the product if it ever got to me... For whatever reason the item was returned to Amazon because it was not deliverable. I have never been a fan of the FedEx/USPS hand off (FedEx Smartpost), and this was the exact reason why. No real tracking information was provided once it is handed to the USPS, and then I get an email from Amazon (on the day that it was estimated to arrive) claiming that my address was not deliverable. Strange since I get mail at my house on a daily basis, and have ordered plenty of items that are delivered by FedEx, UPS, and USPS without issue.

I double checked the address information that I provided just to be sure that I did not provide any incorrect information, and it all checked out.

It was just disappointing.

December 25, 2012
I must say that for as much money as you pay for this thing you would think it would be made better. The bracket that you attach to your dash is just plastic that seems to break very easily. We have also had troubles with it being "flaky" for some odd reason it will just not come on so you have to turn of the car and turn it on again to get it to work. We had one just completely die after a month or so of use and had to send it back. It does the job it just seems like you are paying a lot for poor quality.

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