APDTY 035486 Disc Brake Dust Shield Backing Plate Set Fits Rear Left & Right 1998-2008 Subaru Forester/1993-2007 Impreza/ 1992-1997 Legacy (Rear Disc Brakes & 4-Wheel ABS ONLY) (Replaces 26255AA061)

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Product Description

  • Meets Or Exceeds OEM Specs
  • Factory OEM Fit Form And Function

Brand New Pair Of Rear Backing Plate Dust Shields
Rear Left (Driver) & Right (Passenger)
With Rear Disc Brakes & 4-Wheel ABS
Fits 998-008 Subaru Forester
Fits 993-007 Subaru Impreza
Fits 99-997 Subaru Legacy Replaces 6AA06, 6AA07

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Ricky O'Donnell
November 12, 2017
Do not buy these. They do not line up with the knuckle for a 4WD Subaru of the listed supported years. They also don't have the correct fitment for the parking brake line. Call your local Subaru parts department if you need replacement dust shields.

I bought a pare of used shields: rusted and didn't have the ABS sensor mount. Thankfully I wasn't out much money because I needed the knuckles they came with.

I bought these: they look and feel great. Like really of good quality. Once you get them on the knuckle you see how all of the bolt holes line up wrong. The materials are great, but they won't work.

I wondered why I couldn't find these anywhere else on the internet and I'm going to assume they have been pulled because they were built to wrong spec.

I'm now buying shields from the dealer. $150 a side, but you can find your part numbers and give your dealer a call. Most will sell parts at or a few cents under MSRP, and you don't pay shipping charges.
Jean-Marc Reich
March 8, 2017
Bolt holes did not line up. Poor fitment. Delivery good.

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